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1003969/29/2018Sat8:00 amFriendlyBU15McGarvey Field in Red Morton Park
993949/29/2018Sat9:00 amNorCal PremierGU13Hoover #2 (RWC)
1005389/29/2018Sat9:00 amFriendlyBU12Marlin Park West
1003989/29/2018Sat10:00 amFriendlyBU16McGarvey Field in Red Morton Park
995129/29/2018Sat10:00 amNorCal PremierGU15Port Royal Park
995279/29/2018Sat10:30 amNorCal PremierGU11Edgewater
992549/29/2018Sat11:00 amNorCal PremierGU11Hoover SW (RWC)
1005379/29/2018Sat11:00 amNorCal PremierBU10Marlin Park North East
1000209/29/2018Sat11:15 amCCSL CoastGU09Burgess 7v7 Field
994659/29/2018Sat11:45 amNorCal PremierGU12Edgewater
100512Notes9/29/2018Sat12:00 pmNorCal PremierBU11Marlin Park
995569/29/2018Sat12:30 pmNorCal PremierBU13Catamaran Park
100399Notes9/29/2018Sat1:00 pmNorCal PremierBU10Edgewater
994629/29/2018Sat2:15 pmNorCal PremierBU09Edgewater
1001729/29/2018Sat3:30 pmNorCal PremierBU17Hillview Middle School
992769/29/2018Sat5:30 pmNorCal PremierBU1249er West Field in Red Morton Park
992329/30/2018Sun9:00 amNorCal PremierBU16McGarvey Field in Red Morton Park
99177Notes9/30/2018Sun10:00 amNorCal PremierBU10Marlin Park North East
991269/30/2018Sun10:00 amCCSL CoastBU09Marlin Park South East
993179/30/2018Sun12:00 pmNorCal PremierBU12Bechet East
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