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An Overview of RegistrationPrintable

There are three distinct and different Registration activities.

  1. CYSA-N Registration for Players and Adults
  2. CYSA-N Registration of Teams
  3. Playing League Registration for Teams

This site can help with #1 and #2; CYSA-N Player, Coach, Manager and Team registration. For #3 you must register your team independently for playing league registration.

CYSA-N Registration for Players and Adults

Players, Coaches and Managers must belong to CYSA-N. They register through a geographically based RegistrationLeague. Players must complete a CYSA-N Form 1601. Adults must complete a CYSA-N Form 1628.

Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents can use the website to produce the CYSA-N 1601 Form. Look for the register symbol to generate a pdf file of the 1601 Form. Note, the website cannot fill in the form if the data has not been entered (and entered correctly) for the Player and Parents.

The data collected on this website is NOT transferred to the CYSA-N database. The Registration League Registrars enter that data directly into the CYSA-N database. The CYSA-N database is known as LeagueOne.

CYSA-N registration provides passes and insurance.

CYSA-N Registration for Teams

Teams are also registered with CYSA-N. Team Registration is conducted by your RegistrationLeague. For Teams in the Redwood Registration League, the Team Coach or Manager uses the website to produce the necessary paperwork and submits that tho their Club Registrar, who in turn submits the paperwork to the Redwood Registration League Registrar.

Teams not in the Redwood Registration League should follow the procedures established by their home Registration League.

Transfers, drops, and adds are handled through the CYSA-N system. Each Club or Registration League has a registrar to assist teams with these issues.

Playing League Registration

Teams must apply to play in a Playing League. The current Playing Leagues of interest are the CCSL Coast Division, CCSL Bay Division and the CCSL State Premier League. Teams do not apply for these Playing Leagues via this website.

Updated 12/3/2010