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How to Add a TeamStaff to Our Team? (Long version)Printable

Adding TeamStaff may involve several steps:

  • The individual must be in the database.
  • The individual must have the Role of 'Manager' or 'Coach'
  • The individual must be listed in the Team's data record as a Manager or Coach for that Team.

The term 'Manager' on the website refers to a level of access to data associated with a team. A team can have 5 individuals with the Role of Manager. Those individuals are the Manager1, Manager2, Manager3, TeamRegistrar and TeamScheduler. Those individuals with Manager1, Manager2 or Manager3 team staff positions are expected to have a CYSA issued adult pass. 'TeamScheduler' and 'TeamRegistrar' are also Managers, but do not need CYSA Adult passes. All these team staff positions have identical access to the website via the TeamStaff segment.

The term 'Coach' on the website has the identical level of access as the 'Manager'. Coach is differentiated in the event that Redwood League enforces coach credential requirements. The coach TeamStaff positions are noted as Coach1, Coach2, Coach3 and Coach4 and are expected to have a CYSA issued adult pass.

  1. Add the person to the Users Database / Add the Manager or Coach Role

    If the desired individual is already in the database as a Manager, Coach, Parent, etc. PLEASE do not add them again to the database. There is no need. What needs to be done is to add 'Manager' role or 'Coach' role to their existing Profile.

    If the desired individual is not in the database, have the individual go to Logon:Register. Make sure the individual selects the Manager or Coach status during registration. Have them select the 'Publicize' boxes if they want their contact information available to any Visitor to the site.

  2. Add the TeamStaff to the Team

    An existing TeamStaff can go to TeamStaff:Manage-Team. Type a portion of their name in the box and names that fit what you type should appear. Click on the desired name to select it. If this feature (called JavaNames) is not selected for your Profile, use the up/down triangles next to the Manager1 (or Manager2 or Coach1 or ....) box to add the TeamStaff to your team. See the FAQ Select a person to use the expand or contract triangles when JavaNames is not selected.

    Be sure to click on 'Update' when you are finished.

    Note: As a Manager you may be the Manager of more than one team. Be sure to designate the 'Active' team you are working on when you enter the TeamStaff segment.

Every individual with a Role=Coachshould have a coaching license. Every individual with a Role=Coach or will be subject to a background check.

Every individual with the Role=Manager and are entered as Manager1, Manager2, or Manager3 for a team is subject to a background check.

Updated 4/28/2013