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How does selecting a person from a dropdown work?Printable

On many forms on this website authorized Users can select a User from among other Users and associate them with a Team.

For example:

  • ClubOfficers can add a Coach to a Team

Two Techniques

With thousands of User names, populating pulldown boxes for you to select the correct User consumes substantial computing resources. Consequently, we have developed two techniques to reduce the bandwidth consumption and hasten the response time you experience. They are:

  1. JavaNames
  2. Standard
JavaNames is considered faster and simpler, however Java script runs on the client devices (your computer, phone, tablet) and thus the website does not control or know if you have Java operational. Hence the backup of the Standard approach.


Individual Users can opt in or opt out of using the JavaNames feature in the Services:Profile-Preferences . With JavaNames you start typing the User's name in the input box and a popup box of likely corresponding names appears. You then must click on one of the names and then click on Update.

If you type too fast, the popup box will not appear. Type one more letter slowly (after a pause) to activate the JavaNames routine.

For more on JavaNames, see the RidgeStar Feature-> description


When JavaNames in your Profile is NOT selected.

On any form where a User name is to be selected/entered the expand ion will be presented. Click on the expand icon and a pulldown box will appear populated by all possible Users. Click on the User and then click on "Update" to enter/edit the data.

Populating the pulldown box with data consumes substantial amounts of computing resources. Consequently, the default is to NOT show the pulldown box (hence why you need to click on the expand ). Also if you do not intend to change the User you can remove the pulldown box (and same Pensra money) by clicking on the contract to the right of the pulldown box.

Updated 9/28/2018