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The following Matches meet the criteria you have set. You can view the detail for any MatchTerm by clicking the numeric value you see in the "Match" column.

94917Notes4/28/2017FriNorCal PremierGU09Unspecified
94911Notes4/28/2017Fri4:30 pmNorCal PremierGU13Russ Miller / Town Center Field
94925Notes4/28/2017Fri6:30 pmNorCal PremierGU09Burgess 7v7 Field
93686Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastGU13Unspecified
93755Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastBU12Unspecified
93761Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastBU19Unspecified
93944Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastBU09Unspecified
93945Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastGU11Unspecified
93947Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastGU10Unspecified
93978Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastGU08Unspecified
94211Notes4/29/2017SatNorCal PremierGU13Unspecified
943384/29/2017SatNorCal PremierBU10Unspecified
94383Notes4/29/2017SatNorCal PremierGU12Unspecified
94672Notes4/29/2017SatCCSL CoastBU12Unspecified
93232Notes4/29/2017SatNorCal PremierBU19Unspecified
93215Notes4/29/2017SatNorCal PremierBU14Unspecified
93158Notes4/29/2017SatNorCal NPLBU16Unspecified
931134/29/2017SatNorCal NPLBU19Unspecified
93283Notes4/29/2017SatNorCal PremierGU15Unspecified
93280Notes4/29/2017SatNorCal PremierBU14Unspecified
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