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Fall Registration GuidelinesPrintable

It is critical to understand that each team belongs to two (2) different leagues. One is the Registration League. The other is the Playing League.

Redwood Soccer is the REGISTRATION LEAGUE. Registration here covers your players, coaches and managers. You get insurance, cards, a "golden rod" roster. Also pays for coach instruction, referee instruction, background checks, positive coaching alliance classes and a field fund. Registration is with CYSA.

CCSL is the PLAYING LEAGUE associated with CYSA. Registration is through the CYSA website

CYSA website

  • Redwood League Registration opens early May and ends early July .

  • Registration requests after the closing date will be charged an additional $100 late fee. There is NO guarantee of acceptance of late Registration requests.

  • Minimum player count is 10 to register. a U11 and younger team.

  • Minimum player count is 13 to register a U12 and older team.

  • Maximum player count is 18 to register. a U13 and younger team.

  • Maximum player count is 22 to register. a U14 and older team.

  • PICTURES MUST BE 1 inch by 1inch OR THEY HAVE A GOOD CHANCE OF BEING REJECTED. No hats. No dark glasses.

Team Packets

  • Team packets are due to your league registrar no later than one day after website registration closes. May be submitted electronically. See annual detailed instructions

  • Must include a copy of the Transmittal form.

  • Any team packets received after close of registration are NOT assured of processing in time for August tournament play.

  • Packets are processed in order received. PLEASE NOTE: Tournament packets have priority

League Fees

Submit via TeamStaff:Payment. Only PayPal is acceptable.

Misc. Items

  • Foreign Document Translation forms are valid for 5 years.

  • Player passes have medical release information on the back and must be signed by a parent/guardian.

  • All adults, (coaches, assistant coaches, managers) must complete a Form1650 CYSA registration form via the CYSA Affinity website. See the detailed registration instructions supplied by the League Registrar for details.

  • All adults, (coaches, assistant coaches, managers) must complete a background check at the Cal North Data Management System. See registration detailed instructions.

Laminating Service

  • RWL teams interested in laminating service for passes for $40 per team please include a separate check for this service. Let your club registrar know. Ask your club registrar for details.


  • Teams are allowed unlimited transfers within the RWL and five (5) transfers from outside the RWL.

  • Provide an updated team transmittal form from the RWL site that reflects adds, transfers and payment.

  • CYSA Roster Change Form 1606 with two signatures (parent and releasing coach/staff).

  • Existing (current) Player membership pass.must be returned.

  • Allow 5 days to process player adds after the team is initially registered. This may well be longer during the initial registration process.

Last Updated 5/8/2014