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How Schedulers Enter Home MatchesPrintable

These instructions are ONLY for matches stored on the website. These matches are NOT OFFICIAL. Go to the League or Tournament website for official schedules.

The HOME Team Staff should enter the Date, Time and Field for their HOME Matches.

If your Team schedules and posts home matches, Click here

Initial Schedule: Step-by-step instructions

  1. Logon
  2. Click on Scheduler (left hand side of the page)
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Click on Matches and select a Match Number in the first column

    Note: You may only edit home matches.

  5. Enter the Date, Time and Field of the match. Then 'Update'

    You can NOT change the date unless your opponent agrees.

  6. To confirm that the Match is scheduled properly, check Matches

  7. It is possible to bulk upload all of your home matches at once. Contact Webmaster

Editing Scheduled Games : Step-by-step instruction

The League requires that you confirm via a phone call or an acknowledged email that your opponent agrees to the match time, date and field at least 7 days prior to the Match

  1. Follow the same procedures as above.
  2. Include a comment in 'Change Reason' (if appropriate)
  3. If Referees have been already assigned to the Match - Click 'Reschedule'
    If Referees have not been assigned to the Match - Click 'Update'
  4. To confirm that the Match is rescheduled properly, check Matches

Helpful Hints

Note 1: If you make a schedule change within -23 days of the match, a notice of the change will be generated for both teams and for any assigned referees. Notices are not emailed but appear when the User logs on to the website.

Note 2: If your field is not on the website, send the name and location of the field to the webmaster. Also see How To Add A Field

Note 3: If Referees have been assigned to your Match via the Website, you must Reschedule the Match. This will Cancel the old Match and generate a New Match number.