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97964Notes5/26/2018SatBU14Peninsula Impact Blue04 Sentinels
951385/26/2018Sat8:00 amBU12PremierMcGarvey NorthJuventus USDA-12TBD
951375/26/2018Sat8:00 amBU12PremierMcGarvey SouthJuventus USDA-12TBD
989015/26/2018Sat10:00 amBU09BronzeJL Stanford (JLS) MS # 5Palo Alto 09B GreenBURLINGAME BSC 2009B RED
983985/26/2018Sat12:00 pmBU09CopperHoover SE (RWC)Juventus SC 09B Azzurri09B Estrellas
982345/26/2018Sat7:00 pmBU19Bechet Field in Red Morton ParkJuventus ASANapa Sporting
98840Notes5/27/2018Sun4:00 pmBU09Cubberley NorthPalo Alto 09B WhiteRed Star SA 09B Red
981515/28/2018Mon2:00 pmGU1949er Field in Red Morton ParkJuventus SC 99G BlackWV Revolution 99G Red
989475/30/2018Wed6:00 pmGU09Corte Madera MSAlpine Strikers 09G Blue
987226/1/2018FriBU13BronzeSerpentsAcademy Blue
98881Notes6/1/2018FriGU11PremierPalo Alto 07G BlueSanta Clara Sporting 07G Green
98779Notes6/1/2018Fri5:40 pmBU13BronzeKelly Field05B BlueDiablos 05/06
98885Notes6/1/2018Fri6:00 pmGU11PremierCubberley NorthPalo Alto 07G BlueSanta Clara Sporting 07G Green
981736/1/2018Fri7:15 pmGU1949er Field in Red Morton ParkJuventus SC 99G Black99G White
951396/2/2018Sat8:00 amBU12PremierMcGarvey NorthJuventus USDA-12TBD
951406/2/2018Sat8:00 amBU12PremierMcGarvey SouthJuventus USDA-12TBD
98826Notes6/2/2018Sat8:30 amBU11JL Stanford (JLS) MS # 307B Red07B Black
987126/2/2018Sat8:30 amBU10JL Stanford (JLS) MS # 508B RedBSC 2008B Red
975296/2/2018Sat8:30 amBU12Marlin Park WestJuventus SC 06B BiancoReal Atletico 06B White
97890Notes6/2/2018Sat9:00 amGU13Alpine Inn / Rossotti's05G White05G United Green
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