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Gunderson High SchoolOpenStreetMap GoogleMaps

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Park in designated spaces only. Entrance to the turf field is at the South end. For games on grass park in the lot over by the back entrance if you can and only park on street by the houses if necessary. Bathrooms for grass fields are between the two portables over by the access ramp leading up to the fields. Don't leave your trash on the fields and please leave your pets at home.

622 Gaundabert Lane
San Jose, CA 95136
Fields at this Location
  1. Gunderson Turf (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 182, RidgeStar 386, GotSoccer 18180
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    The Gunderson turf field is behind the school at the western edge of the campus.
  2. Gunderson Grass #1 (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 535, RidgeStar 727, GotSoccer 55929
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    The Gunderson grass field 1 is between the baseball diamonds, oriented South/North
  3. Gunderson Grass #2 (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 536, RidgeStar 728
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    The Gunderson grass field 2 is at the South end of the school property, along the East/West fence
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