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4 Coaches, 3 Managers, a Team Scheduler and a Team Registrar?Printable

Different Teams organize themsleves in slightly different ways. The website gives the Team flexibility in their organization. First some guidelines:

  • The RedwoodSoccer League will not issue credentials to more than 5 adults per team.
  • Some Tournaments will not accept more than 4 credentialed Adults per Team.
  • Only credentialed adults are permitted on the team side of the field during matches.
  • In the Redwood Registration League all credentialed adults are required to take and obtain a PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) certification.
  • All credentialed adults will undergo a criminal background check and be evaluated for risk management This is part of your CYSA registration. .

Each team must have at least one credentialed adult. In the Redwood Registration League, Coaches are required to have a coaching license. In the Redwood Registration League, Managers are encouraged to have a coaching license. The website requires that the team have two independent adults.

In the Redwood Registration League, the Coach1, Coach2, Coach3, Coach4, Manager1, Manager2, Manager3 positions incur a registration fee. These are the credentialed adults and these users must register with CYSA-N.

Teams can also designate a Team Scheduler or a Team Registrar. These individuals must have a Manager Role with the website. They have the same abilities to adjust home game schedules and register the team, players and parents as a Manager. They do not get a CYSA credential. They do not undergo a background check. They can not be on the Player side of the field during a Match.

How to add another Coach or Manager to my Team

First the desired individual must be in the User database and have the desired Role (either Manager or Coach). Then go to TeamStaff:Manage-Team. See the FAQ How to add TeamStaff .

Note: If you are associated with more than one Team you may have to designate your 'Active' Team when you first enter the TeamStaff segment of the website.

Updated 3/24/2015