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How to Register My Team for Fall SoccerPrintable

Not Updated for the 2016 Season.

Additional Information

League Registrar Instructions
Registration Guidelines

Recommended Order to do Things

Below is one way to Register with the Redwood Registration League.

There is no requirement that you enter your data in this order. And you can always come back and change data or add data later.

The Redwood League is composed of Teams. Teams register with the League. It is the Team's responsibility to complete registration for their Players and Parents. Your choice, either:

  • Players and Parents can register directly with the Redwood League, and a member of TeamStaff then associates the Player with your Team.

  • Players and Parents data is entered by the TeamStaff.

  1. ONLY if they are NOT in the database, Coach(s) and Manager(s) become Users. This means registering with the website and obtaining a Site Name and Password. Must get a Role of Manager or Coach. Coaches and Managers are together known as TeamStaff.

    • TeamStaff can register other Coaches/Managers via TeamStaff:Registraton-Add new TeamStaff or

    • Coaches/Managers can register themselves directly with the website.

  2. ONLY if your Team is NOT in the database, add your Team via Manager:Registration-Add New Team. Select a Club and enter a Team Name. Add your Team Staff. Enter your Registration League. Enter your Jersey colors.

  3. Add your Parents via TeamStaff:Registration-Add New Parent. Once you click on 'Update' you can't change the Parent information here. (You can go to Manage-Users and bring up the record of any User that you entered, and edit their data there. Don't forget to click on Update when you are finished.)

  4. Add your Players via TeamStaff:Registration-Add New Player. Associate Parents to the Player. Don't forget to click on Update when you are finished. You can edit Players via TeamStaff:Manage-Users or by clicking the Key# icon to the left of the Players name in the Player Roster.

  5. Print and have parents sign the Form 1601. Click on the register symbol to get a Player's Form 1601 sent to Adobe Acrobat Reader. Two copies will be sent - two copies of the 1601 should be signed.. You can send all the 1601 for your entire Roster to the printer at one time.

  6. Upload Player/TeamStaff photos and signed forms. Go to TeamStaff:Paperwork

  7. Pay registration fees via TeamStaff:Registration-Pay Fees

  8. At TeamStaff, click on the Generate Transmittal icon to the right of your Team entry. registration

  9. Have your Club Registrar review your transmittal and uploaded information. Have your Club Registrar tell the League Registrar that your team is ready to be registered.


  1. Have Parents with the same address, phone numbers and email? Enter one via Add a Parent and then go to Manage-Users. Bring up the Parent, click Copy, change the name and gender and click Update. The second Parent is in the database.

  2. Use the Manage-Users to edit Players, Parents and Coaches that you have entered.

  3. Use the Manage-Users to send Users their Password or to reset their Password. Click on passwordreset

Common Errors

  1. Can't find a Player? Did you make them a Parent by mistake?

  2. Can't find a Parent? Did you make them a Player by mistake?

  3. Parent not showing on the 1601 Form? Did you forget to give the Parent a gender? The computer can't tell the difference between Moms and Dads without a gender designation. In the Player's record (TeamStaff:Manage-Users) did you associate the Parent with the Player?

Updated June 2015