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How do I enter / edit my roster?Printable

  1. Logon to
  2. Go to TeamStaff:Registration-Edit Roster
  3. To remove players click on the delete to the right of the player's name

    You will need to confirm the delete action marked

  4. To add players, look in the drop down.

    ... If there, click on the name and click on "Add".
    ... If not there, go to TeamStaff:Registration-Add new player

  5. TeamStaff:Registration-Add New Player

    If the name you enter is already in the database, you will get a message in red and the name will NOT be added to the database.

    Slightly alter the name - middle initial, middle name, period after the middle initial and click Update again

    The Player will be added to your Active Team

You can edit Player's Profile (name, dob, parents, address, etc.) at TeamStaff:Manage-Users