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How to Obtain a Site Name and Password?OLDPrintable

NOTE: Your SiteName and Password are the same for the websites and If you have a SiteName and Password for one --- no need to get another for the other!

  • Player
  • Parent
  • Coach
  • Manager
  • Referee

The Redwood League registers Teams, Coaches, Managers and Players with the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA). It is typically the Team's responsibility to enter Players (required) and Parents (optional). When new Players or Parents are entered a password is sent to them via email. Often the Team Manager or Club Registrar can reset the Site Name and Password for Players and Parents.

The CYSA Competitive Soccer League (CCSL) registers Teams.

The District 2 Spring League registers Teams. .

How to Register?

If you are a Player, Parent, Coach, Manager or Referee, you can obtain a SiteName and Password by:

  1. Click on Logon
  2. Click on Register
  3. Fill out the Form. Be sure to choose your desired Role(s).
  4. Enter some background information in Notes. Indicate here if you are also a Parent. Tell me what team(s) you Coach. Details about your refereeing? What district are you from?
  5. Soon you will get a Welcome Email message from the webmaster with your Site Name and Password. Note: some ISP providers block all auto-generated email. In the event that you do not get a Welcome email within 48 hours, contact the to have one sent to you manually.

Another option if you are a Coach

Any Team Manager can add you to the database. Ask them to visit Manager:Registration-Add New Coach.

Any other Coach can add you to the database. Ask them to visit Coach:Registration-Add New Coach

Another Option if you are a Player or PArent

A Coach or Manager Parent can add you to the database. Ask them to visit Coach:Registration-AddNewPlayer or Coach:Registration:AddNewParent or Manager:Registration-AddNewParent or Manager:Registration-AddNewPlayer

Another Option if you are a Player

A Parent can add you to the database. Ask them to visit Parent::Players-Add new Playler

It is IMPORTANT that each individual has only one User name in the system. If you have logged on before and you cannot recall your Site Name or Password - DO NOT REGISTER again. Contact the webmaster and describe your plight.

Multiple registrations by the same person, makes a significant amount of work for the Webmaster (me) to clean up. Please don't do it.

DO NOT share a SiteName and Password. The Website carefully audits who makes what changes to data and when. Data entry undertaken while YOU are logged on will be attributed to YOU. Teams can have 4 Coaches and 5 Managers - so there really is no need.

How to Logon?

1. Click on Logon.
2. Enter your SiteName. (SiteName = First Name , Middle Name and Last Name as provided when you registered)
3. Enter your password.

Congratulations! You are logged in. Now what?

  • Agree to the Site Use Agreement.
  • Answer some questions in case you forget your password.
  • Go to Services:Profile and update your contact information. Choose Publicize? if you want contact information to be available on the web.
  • Go to Services:Profile-Password and change your password.

And if this doesn't work?

Contact the