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How to download matches for upload to ArbiterPrintable

The page Assignor:Assignment-Arbiter is designed to assist referee assignors that use the ArbiterSport referee assigning software to obtain a download of matches of interest.


The data in this database is dynamic. It is constantly being updated and changed by Managers, Coaches, Schedulers, and Assignors. Any "snapshot" of data, such as a download, can be inaccurate literally minutes later. This download tool provides a snapshot of data.

This download tool will also only provide the specific data requested. Sometimes what is requested is not what is wanted. Unfortunately, this system is not sophisticated enough to anticipate wants.

Trying to keep data synchronized between multiple databases is a thankless task. This tool may make it easier, but this tool is NOT automatic nor is it fool proof. Please use it accordingly.

Select Matches of Interest

  • Use the "Download Criteria" to select matches of interest. Typically Match date (say 9/1 to 12/15) and Club could be used. Alternatively, select a Bracket and Location (example SilverElite at Morgan Hill).
  • Use "Change" to select only Matches that have been changed in a specified time period. The criteria is a "Date Comparator". You need to specify a "Comparator" such as <, >, or = and then a date. Date can be in the form of
    ...... MM/DD or MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY or
    ...... a phrase such as "today", "yesterday" or "tomorrow" or
    ...... a period of time such as "-10 days" or "-1 week"

    Change looks for when any one of a specified list of Match characteristics have been changed. The current list of match characteristics that are considered a "change" are specified by Setting=ChangeDataFields. The website Administrator can change this setting. Edits to data like Field, Date, Time, Club, Home, Away, Status and UseStandings is typically considered a change.

    Current contents of the Setting=ChangeDataFields are:
    (The prefix dma means data element from the matches table.)

    This Change criteria permits the Assignor to only track those matches that have had a change since the last time the Assignor coordinated the databases.

Select Data to be included in download

  • You can select which data to be included in the download
    Click on the checked box in front of any criteria that you wish to be included in the download.
  • Location and SiteName; Field and SubSiteName
    The Location Table includes a datafield called ArbiterSiteName. The Field Table includes a datafield called ArbiterSubSiteName. If the ArbiterSiteName or ArbiterSubSiteName is present in the Location or Field Table those values will be downloaded. Otherwise the Location or Field Name will be downloaded.

  • The selection criteria and the download criteria are independent.
    You can download data that is not part of the selection criteria.

Select Formats

  • Sport, Level, HomeTeam, AwayTeam all have a pulldown of defined formats. Select the one that you would like to see in your download.
  • The formats can be a combination of match data elements (for example the match gender and denoted by {brackets}) or text (for example "TBA")
  • Additional formats may be possible. Contact the webmaster to see if the format that you are interested in using can be supported.

Select Sort

  • From the Sort pulldown you can select how the Matches are listed in the download.
  • Additional Sort options are possible - contact the webmaster


  • Click on "Show"
  • Click on arbiter
  • A csv delimited file will be downloaded. Different desktops and browsers handle a downloaded file differently. You will likely have to edit the download in a spreadsheet program (such as Excel) before uploading the file to Arbiter.
  • This tool was custom designed and built to aid Arbiter Assignors desiring to download matches from the website. If the tool does not meet your needs, don't be shy and speak up. There is no obligation to use this tool.