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How to customize and use MyCalendar?Printable

Note: As is not used to schedule matches, the match data can be incomplete and the Calendar may be of little use.

You can customize the calendar function to show information that you are interested in. The calendar can show:

  • Match Dates & Times
    If you are a Coach or a Manager, these can be the matches of your team(s). If you are a Player, these can be the matches of your team. If you are a Parent, these can be the matches of your children. If you are a Referee, these can be the matches you have been assigned.

The Steps

To customize your personal calendar:

  1. Log on to the website. (You've done that if you are reading this.)
  2. Go to the Services Segment and click on MyCalendar
  3. Click on Customize.
  4. Select from the Customization pull down, the Teams that you are interested in seeing date related events in your MyCalendar display. After you have made a selection, click 'Update' and you will be given the option to add another selection.
  5. Check the 'Scheduled Matches' if you want match dates and times from the Teams you have selected to appear on your 'MyCalendar'.

The 'normal' settings will be to check both boxes and make selections from the customization pulldowns.

Use MyCalendar

Open MyCalendar from Services:MyCalendar.

For Matches you will see a hyperlinked calendar entry in the form of Gender/AgeLevel Time.
An example would be BU11 2:00

The hyperlink will take you to Informaiton:Inquiry and give you all the Match details. You might also discover these features:

  • away There is an 'A' for away matches
  • home There is an 'H' for home matches
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the 'A' or 'H' will bring up a pop up box with the field.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the Gender/AgeLevel will bring up a pop up box with the names of the teams.

See Date Orientated Events

To see the date orientated events for the District, Leagues or Clubs, you DO NOT have to customize your calendar. You can use the pulldown box at the top of the calendar to display. You can also go to Information:Calendar and totally avoid the MyCalendar issues.

Note: No clubs or leagues are using this calendar functionality to communicate with Players, Parents or TeamStaff.

Updated 4/28/2013