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Roles and the Positions TablePrintable


When a User has a specific Role, that User can see that Segment of the site. That User will have that Segment appear in their Table of Contents (TOC).

IMPORTANT A User with a Role of Scheduler, Registrar, probably Administrator, Clubofficer, LeagueOfficer and LeagueDirector currently has unlimited access to manipulate the data in their segment unless restricted by the Positions Table. Make a Positions Table entry at the same time you give these Users their Role.

Positions Table

The Positions Table 'Restricts' a Users Role. The restriction gives the User access to a subset of the table entries that the Segment/Role can manipulate.

The Coach and Manager Role are somewhat similar. A Coach or Manager is restricted to specified teams via the Teams Table. Without the entry in the Teams Table the Coach or Manager has no access to manipulate data.

See FAQ entries in the Tables Subtopic for more info on the Positions Table.