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Coach / Manager Website Cheat SheetPrintable


  • Public Pages/Data - No need to log on AND Private Pages/Data - Only visible if you have logged on
  • Each Role (Player, Parent, Coach, Manager, etc.) has a Segment in the TOC
  • Pages and functions are referred to as Segment:Page-Subpage
  • The Stuff-to-Know Pages refer to how the League works
  • The FAQ Pages refer to how the Website works
  • Announcements are shown in What's New
  • Return to home by clicking on the logo in the top left hand corner of any page. For example this is the soccer ball in the sky (Redwood site).
  • Search a table via Criteria
  • Search a table via column fragments


  • Edit profile via Services:Profile
  • Select profile information to be seen by others in Private area of website - Click boxes with green arrows
  • Select profile information to be seen by others in Public area of website - Click boxes called Publicize?
  • Change password via Services:Profile-Password
  • map Fields Google Maps via Information:Fields
  • drive Fields Google Directions via Information:Fields
  • reset Criteria - reset search to the default
  • save Criteria - set your personal criteria
  • My Calendar via Services:My Calendar-Customize
  • Shortcuts are adjacent to shortcut to the right of the logo.
  • Search via Information:Search
  • Set password reset questions via Services:Profile-Questions


  • Edit player information via Parent:Players select key #
  • list Print Player roster card via Parent:Player Action
  • register Print Player 1601 Form via Parent:Player Action

Managers / Coaches (Essentially identical functions)

  • checked Active team via Manager
  • choose List of displayed teams via Manager
  • Edit Team information via Manager:Manage-Team
  • See Roster via Manager:Rosters-[RegistrationLeague]
  • See Schedule via Information:Matches
  • Find contact Info for opponent via Schedule (hyperlink team)
  • Find contact Info for opponent via Clubs:[Club]-Teams
  • Enter a score via Manager:Report Score
  • Register for D2Cup via the District 2 website. Go to Information:Links
  • Enter / Edit a Home Match date or time via Manager:Matches
  • passwordreset Reset someone's password via Manage:Manage-Users
  • Drop a Player from the team via Manager:Manage-Users and click on delete in the Player's Profile
  • list Print a game card via Manager acitve team Actions column
  • register Print a 1601 Form via Manager:Manage-Users