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Why can't I delete a User?Printable

Only Administrators can delete data records. This is because the Administrators can see relationships that may not be obvious to Team or Club officials. For example, say John Doe decides to drop out of soccer and is no longer on your team. The Team Manager may want to delete John Doe from the database, but the Team Manage doesn't know that John Doe is also a Referee.

What the Team Manager really wants to do is get John Doe off their team. That can be accomplished by deleting the XRef Table entry for John Doe and the Team/Placement. It can also be accomplished by deselecting the Player role check box for John Doe.

The Team Manager should refrain from wanting to delete John Doe or his Parents from the database because of other roles they might have. For example the Parents could be in the database as Parents for the sibling Jane Doe!

If you are sure that a User needs to be deleted from the database, drop an email to the and let the webmaster check for other relationships. The webmaster can see other roles and the webmaster has a tool at Administrator:Tools-User Linkage that checks if the individual has any other relationships in the database.