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Welcome to the Redwood Junior Soccer League . We are the league of registration for competitive youth soccer teams in San Mateo County. We are part of District 2-> of the Northern California Youth Soccer Association-> (CYSA-N).

Our teams compete in the CYSA Cal Soccer League.-> The CCSL is a statewide competitive youth soccer league.

The Redwood League helps teams build a year-round program for competitive youth soccer players. Our goal is development, not winning. For details about the Redwood League see the About Us-> page.

Our Siteterm is split into two main types of pages (Private and Public). You can identify yourself and access the Private pages by completing the Logon-> function.

As you navigate this website, should you lose your way, you can always return to this home page by clicking on the 'soccer ball in the sky' logo you'll find in the upper left corner of each page on the site.

For further information contact the Club/League in your community or the Redwood League President REFEREES Click on the Whistle-> to go to the Peninsula Soccer Referee Website

If you are a Manager or Coach and would like to register with the website, go to Logon:Register-> in the Table of Contents along the left edge of your screen to start the process.

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Monday April 8th, 2019

There is a bug in the Match rescheduling routine(s) that has impacted some matches. Additionally, Peninsula Club has been required to move a number of matches around. We know about the bug, but have not yet identified the root problem. Due to these two reasons, MANUAL adjustments have been made in the matches.

Manual adjustments have a high error rate. Please, please double check your data and compare with GotSoccer and Pensra.

The following matches have been manually adjusted:
102217 Stanford United 05B White
102223 Alpine Strikers 07B Red
102237 Alpine Strikers 07G White
102245 Alpine Strikers 10G Cardinal
101274 Peninsula Velocity Blue 02G
102280 Stanford United 07G Black
101293 Peninsula 06B Lions White
101302 Peninsula Vortex Blue
101308 Peninsula Impact Blue
101315 Peninsula 06B Lions Blue
101319 Peninsula Thunder Blue

Thursday March 21st, 2019

12 TimeSlots at Burgess 7v7 field were mistakenly entered as starting at 1:30 am and ending at 11:45 am . Five of these time slots were reserved by teams for matches. These timeslots have been edited to start at 10:30 AM. The matches have been changed from a start time of 1:30 am to 10:30 am

Pensra Match Numbers: 233120, 233114, 233113, 233167, 233077
Redwood Match Numbers:

Please note